How to Receive: “Don’t Know If I Believe It” by Judah and The Lion and Jon Foreman

In a musical pairing of voices that seem made to sing together, Judah & The Lion and Jon Foreman have teamed up to release “Don’t Know If I Believe It.”

The new song is a ballad, released as a single on October 30. It strips back both the upbeat folk verve of Judah & The Lion’s work and the alt rock energy of Jon Foreman’s Switchfoot songs, creating an instrumental landscape that is both spacious and sparse. You can hear the song and watch the official video below.

Lyrically, this song plays like a Psalm, an honest prayer of the heart. It captures that vulnerable, secret ache of struggling to accept the love and grace of God through our own private shame. It’s a hymn that expresses the known truth about the love of the Creator, while also acknowledging that some days it just seems too good to be true. “I don’t know how to receive all that You give,” the chorus confesses.

The result is a song that offers a beautifully fragile and human heart cry, something that has been often lost under the bombast and fervor of contemporary worship. If you’ve struggled to connect with most music with vertical lyrics, wrestled to find a song that sounds honest– “Don’t Know If I Believe It” will find you like a friend.

You can get the track now on Spotify and Apple Music.

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