August Burns Red Vocalist Opens YourLife Gym

John Luhrs Mental Fitness Gym

In the hard rock scene, it is common for themes of mental health to be present in the lyrical content. Now Jake Luhrs, lead singer of August Burns Red, is combining physical health and mental health in a new venture.

“Our singer is opening the very first mental health gym called YourLife Gym,” the band shared on social media. “It fuses mental health with physical fitness and is in our home town of Lancaster, PA!”

YourLife Gym, according to the website, is “A physical space integrated with a culture of compassion and transparency to transform body and mind” and is the first of its’ kind to focus on overall wellness of body and mind.

The grand opening will be on November 7, though limited due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Jake Luhrs is the lead singer of Grammy nominated August Burns Red and also founder of HeartSupport, an organization that helps people overcome depression and anxiety.

Learn more about YourLife Gym by visiting and keep up with August Burns Red by following them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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