VERIDIA Releases a Song of Solidarity with “Crushed Velvet”

VERIDIA has released a new single titled “Crushed Velvet,” a track with an aggressive musical sound and a message of solidarity through struggle.

The single is the latest in a string of new songs released over the past few months, including “Light It Up” and “Blood Diamond.” VERIDIA has also been sharing updates from the studio, promising more to come.

“Crushed Velvet” features assertive, chugging guitar riffs from Brandon Brown behind a driving melody. The electronic elements that have become signature for VERIDIA round out the soundscape alongside lead singer Deena Jakoub’s powerhouse vocals. You can listen to the song below.

“This song was written in honor of my uncle, who suffered a brain injury and after multiple traumas attempted to end his life through suicide by cop… He was shot, permanently injured, and incarcerated with a 16-year sentence, instead of being given access to mental health rehabilitation. An entire system can be so afraid of what they don’t understand or haven’t experienced, that compassion is forgotten,” Deena shared in a post on the band’s Facebook. “I’ve personally dealt with anxiety, depression, PTSD, PPD (chronic physical pain caused by mental/emotion trauma), and a stress-related disease called Addison’s for most of my life. It’s not something I talk about often, but, I am learning that the more we speak of our wounds, the less alone we all feel. I’ve spent most of this year healing, seeing therapists, psychiatrists, doctors… facing fears, learning to be self-compassionate, more mindful, empathetic, grateful for every moment.”

Concluding her personal post about the song, Deena said “There is no shame or weakness in asking for help when it’s too much to bear. It’s actually the bravest thing you can do, and you will be surprised at how strong you really are, maybe even strong enough to remind someone else of their worth. You are beautiful and valuable, please believe it.”

You can get “Crushed Velvet” on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow the band on Facebook and Instagram for more news about upcoming music.

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