Nate Parrish Releases Music Video For “Bullets and Blades”

Nate Parrish Bullets and Blades Cover

Nate Parrish set out to create something that was his own style after being a member of Kutless and Worth Dying For. His brand of punk rock is refreshing musically as well as honest and necessary lyrically.

His latest single is “Bullets and Blades,” a call to stand up against a mob mentality and recognize we are all human. In December, he released the concept video, which shows the band in a cellar with brief cuts to imagery like a marching brigade and album cover art from the single.

In a recent interview with him, Nate Parrish said that he likes the punk genre because “it is more about the message than about the musicianship.” Both are important, but punk rock has always been an avenue to talk about current and social events more than other genres.

Keep up with Nate Parrish by following him on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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