iChristianRock and Christian Rock X Announce ContagionFest: Phase Two

Contagion Fest Phase 2

Faith-based media outlets iChristianRock and Christian Rock X are bringing back the successful virtual Contagion Festival for a second consecutive year.

In a post on social media, Christian Rock X announced that “Contagionfest: Phase Two will be streaming live on April 23rd-24th with an incredible lineup and amazing supporting cast we cannot wait to announce!”

The festival will again stream on each of the YouTube channels and fans can subscribe now to the festival stream.

The 2020 inaugural virtual festival featured bands like Random Hero, Zahna, GFM and The Letter Black. The first two artists were announced for the 2021 installation as Amongst The Giants and Diamonds To Dust.

The 2020 festival was nominated for a Grizzly Award in the live stream category, a new category introduced as artists sought out new ways to connect with fans in an unprecedented year.

Be sure to follow the social media pages as there will be “a TON of surprises coming this month, and an absolutely STACKED lineup of artists” will be revealed over the coming days and weeks.

Follow Christian Rock X: InstagramYouTube

Follow iChristianRock: Facebook, InstagramYouTube

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