Zao Releases The Crimson Corridor, First Full Length Album in Five Years

Zao Crimson Corridor

Zao has released their first full length album in five years with The Crimson Corridor. The album was preceded by the release of the single “Transitions” earlier this week.

The veteran metalcore act’s new album tackles characteristically heavy themes, with songs digging into themes of depression, death, and mortality. “Transitions” exists in that space, with lead singer Dan Weyandt sharing “It’s about eternal return and my place within it.”

The Crimson Corridor is releasing nearly a year later than planned due to COVID, a time during which the band delved deeper into the songs and their themes. The end result should be satisfying for longtime followers of the band, who have spent the past five years eagerly awaiting a new full length while enjoying the re-release of the band’s prolific back catalogue.

Zao has been active since 1993, with varying lineups and an ongoing evolution of sound. They were known as one of the core pieces of Tooth & Nail’s heyday in the 2000s. You can get The Crimson Corridor on Spotify and Apple Music, and follow the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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