Eloquent And Heavy: “Temptation” By Imminence

"Temptation" Artwork Jakob Koc

Swedish metalcore band Imminence has released their latest single and video called “Temptation.”

The heavy song is in your face musically, laced with Peter Hanström’s driving drums and galloping runs throughout on guitars while vocalist Eddie Berg alternates between clean and unclean vocals. The lyrical depth and intensity match the music itself, an angry undertone exploring internal and external struggles to overcome temptation.

Imminence puts their own brand on metal tunes by adding in elements of classical music. In this case, a violin is eloquently played not only in the charts but also in the concept video, which follows a character in a three part story before coming full circle to overcome.

This is a battle I have to fight One more time
It’s always darkest before the dawn

“Temptation” is the first single from Imminence since their 2019 full length album Turn The Light On was released.

Give “Temptation” a spin on Spotify or Apple Music.

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