Reaction/Lyrical Exploration of: “The Price of Grace” by Convictions

Price of Grace Convictions cover

The song in the video below takes a raw and honest look at the pain felt in the wake of losing a loved one to suicide. It is not a pretty picture that gets presented– but it is an honest one. Discretion is advised before viewing.

Metalcore group Convictions has been releasing some of the most aggressive and lyrically challenging songs in the scene over the last few months as they gear up to release their EP I Won’t Survive on May 7th. Arguably the wildest track they’ve released from the EP is “The Price of Grace.”

Diving into the impacts of suicide is always an intense, challenging, and painful thing to do, and Convictions pull no punches with their exploration of the turbulence left behind. The video below is a deep-dive into the track– pointing to the musicality and lyricism within the song.

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