Aseity Drops Hard Hitting “Silent Whispers” Featuring Taylor Barber

Aseity Silent Whispers cover

Aseity exploded onto the scene with “Losing Myself” in January, and now Monica Soe is back with another rocking single.

“Silent Whispers” is a heavier track featuring scream vocalist Taylor Barber of the metal band Left To Suffer. Barber delivers powerful screams that balance Monica Soe’s clean vocals. Musically, the song is fiery from the starting blocks, with driving bass and drums keeping the tempo and energy high throughout.

The battle that is happening in the song seems to be a combination of telling inner negative thoughts not to take over as well as external critics. Ultimately, the song is one of hope and overcoming those voices.

Find “Silent Whispers” on Spotify and Apple Music, and keep up with Aseity on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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