Matt Moore Releases “Beautiful”

Matt Moore Beautiful Cover

Matt Moore has released his newest single, “Beautiful.” The track starts with mesmerizing guitar riffs that immediately draw the listener in. In a great blend of powerful vocals and musicality, “Beautiful” has some classic rock vibes as well as a Disciple vibe.

The lyrics are a fantastic anthem for people who have dealt with past hurts, doubts, scars, pain. Realize that all that you’ve gone through just makes you beautiful and worthy. You may think that what you have gone through makes you worthless, fractured, and broken, but all those scars tell a story.

‘Cause imperfect doesn’t mean worthless
Doesn’t deserve this
You are loved even through your mistakes

One of the most poignant lines is, “You see the damage, I see broken and beautiful.” Then it finishes out with the brightest of hopes:

All of your pain still has a story to be told
Heaven is waiting to mend all your scars with gold
You see the damage, I see broken and beautiful

Follow Matt Moore on Facebook and Instagram. Listen to “Beautiful” as well as other music by Matt Moore on Spotify and Apple Music.

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