Who Sustains You? “Eternity” by Whom I Serve

Whom I Serve Eternity Cover

Hard rock duo Whom I Serve has released their debut full-length album, Eternity— a hard-hitting album that pulls no punches about the band’s faith. It is clear that the duo’s devotion to God is a key feature of their music.

Comprised of Jared Esposito on guitar/vocals and production duties and Aaron Ashcroft on drums, this band has already made a decent impact on the underground scene within Christian Rock. Working with some of the up-and-coming names within the scene (such as Ben Dixon, Chris Johnson of HARD LOOK and Johnathan Franco of Mothaltar), this album is as solid of a debut as they come.

The major theme throughout this album is the sovereignty of God and the necessity of trusting in Him to provide in our greatest need, sustain us in our lowest points, and to honor His greatness over our own. This overarching theme of trusting in God’s control is seen most clearly in the closest track to a ballad on the album, “Without Sin (featuring Ben Dixon)”. A nearly understated track with tight instrumentation and accessible vocals, exploring the need of God to free us from our greatest problem (sin), this song covers the reality of living without the sin that weighs us down: “When I’m breathing over and over again; life without end, life without sin… We’ll know no end in life without the sin.” Ultimately, it is living in surrender to God that we find true freedom to live capable of breathing clearly.

Serving as an example of their guitar work is their song “Infinite,” which effectively serves as the “title” track, at least in terms of its message. Opening with a riff that feels like it would fit in with Hybrid Theory era Linkin Park, Jared flexes his lead muscles with one of best pairings of riff and lead on the album. Couple that with the rough delivery in the verses and the soaring chorus and this track is one that will surely lift them out of underground status. Lyrically, “Infinite” explores the idea that the inheritance God’s followers receive is truly “infinite,” and is sustained in the eternal kingdom. The bridge encapsulates this idea perfectly: “From one end of heaven to the other, my Kingdom is eternal. All these things are yours, My son. Everything is yours!

Chris Johnson of HARD LOOK lends his aggressive vocals to the track “Atoned” and Johnathan Franco on “Fortress of Hope.” The former is, unsurprisingly, one of the most in-your-face cuts on the album, with Chris doing his best to leave his vocal chords in tatters while shrieking about the effects of the redemption bought by Christ. “Fortress of Hope” sees Franco in a much more atmospheric track that looks at the standing of God as a refuge in spiritual war. Both tracks, as well as “Without Sin,” are unique on the album for their individual sound. The features do a great job of adding to the song without making it feel anything less than a Whom I Serve track.

Chock-full of some creative and energetic riffs and perfectly paced drums, Whom I Serve do a great job of establishing themselves and their sound. There are times where it’s difficult to notice that they’re such a new band. Perhaps the biggest indicator is the production itself which, while polished, still has room for refinement. While there is an occasional awkward lyric delivery or interesting choice in melody, the end result of this album is one that is unabashedly centered on Christ and honoring Him. Not many bands are this explicit in expressing their faith, but it works here without feeling contrived or out of place. As a debut, this album is excellent and sets the stage for an exciting ride for this band.

Get Eternity on Spotify and Apple Music.

For fans of: The Protest, Righteous Vendetta, Ben Dixon, and Disciple

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