Fight The Fade finds new footing with “Composure”

Fight the Fade Composure Cover

Fight The Fade has capped off 2021 with the release of a brand new single, “Composure.” The song is a perfect culmination of their discography to this point, featuring a return of substantive guitar riffs married to ethereal electronics.

That powerhouse sound lends impact and force to the song’s message: a plaintive confession of feeling internally broken while externally fighting to seem put together. It’s a feeling that is likely to be relatable to listeners who are trying to reassemble the pieces of their lives after two years of global heartache and chaos. The lyrics offer the rhythm of simple solidarity:

“Here we go again
we’re starting over
trying to pretend
we have composure
but our facade is broken,
we’re left out in the open.”

“There’s a stigma that (especially when you’re on a stage) you have to appear like you’ve got it all together,” the band explains. “Truthfully, I tend to spread myself too thin, and I end up overwhelmed and broken. If you’ve ever felt that way too, then ‘Composure’ is for you.”

“Composure” released in partnership with independent label FiXT. You can find it on all major platforms at


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