LYRIC VIDEO PREMIERE: “Not My Name” by Matt Sassano

Matt Sassano Not My Name Cover

Rock On Purpose is proud to premiere the lyric video for “Not My Name,” the powerful new single from Matt Sassano. The lyric video was created by Stereo 27 Productions.

“‘Not My Name’ goes out to people with disabilities or who are black sheep, anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable in their own skin,” Matt explains. “Growing up with cerebral palsy and dyscalculia, it seemed that people know disabled people by whatever their disability is. You hear ‘oh, that’s the blind kid,’ or ‘oh, that’s the deaf guy.’ So it’s like they get addressed by the disability rather than the person underneath. ‘Not My Name’ was my attempt to say that people can put their labels on you, but there’s always a person underneath with potential.”

“Not My Name” was cowritten and produced by Josiah Prince. You can stream the album on your platform of choice at

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