Foundational: “Break the Silence” by Love Like Gravity

Love Like Gravity Break the Silence cover art

Love Like Gravity has broken their silence, returning with their first full-length album since 2015. Break The Silence is a power-packed album that promises to satisfy rock fans’ post-grunge cravings— while delivering thought-provoking themes to chew on long after the last riff fades.

Chart climber “Devil’s In the Details” set the tone with its hooky melody and cautionary lyrics about the way harmful, even evil beliefs can creep in through the seemingly small and insignificant places in our lives and institutions. Later track “All I Need” could be an answer to that warning, crying out to be delivered from deception.

We’ve been silent so long, it’s taken its toll
Break the silence right now, we’ll shout it out:
This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.”

That chorus from the album’s title track is an on-the-nose confession of the band’s mission with this album. After their hiatus, Love Like Gravity has returned in this charged cultural moment to offer whatever they can that might provide light, grounding and hope.

The latest single “Grind” continues to lay on the gas, offering thunderous riffs over lyrics about grind culture and the way culture encourages us to burn ourselves out chasing things that don’t matter: “I’m tired of chasing my shadow to fill what is hollow.” There is never a moment when Break The Silence lets up on those kinds of weighty conversations (and accompanying heavy guitar). Human struggles are tackled head-on, like the way that “Thorn” speaks to an ongoing temptation. “Let It Go” addresses the addiction to bitterness that threatens to destroy us if we’re unable to let the past go. “Scream” captures the moment our despair and God’s mercy collide.

Musically, there’s something about Break The Silence that references early work from bands like Pillar and Decyfer Down. It’s a simultaneously nostalgic and refreshing dynamic that listeners are likely to eagerly drink in. This holds even on the album’s ballad, the stirring prayer “Through Your Eyes” that pleads to be able to see ourselves through God’s loving eyes. It feels like a sort of homecoming, both to a musical style and to the core tenets of faith. Driving that home, “Shaken” concludes the album with a declaration that “our foundations won’t be shaken.

From beginning to end, Love Like Gravity offers listeners something uniquely foundational with Break The Silence. It’s an invitation issued to those enduring difficult times: hold onto what you know to be true. Hold onto how loved you are by God. And, if it helps, hold onto the joy of solidly built rock and roll.

Hear Break The Silence on Spotify and Apple Music.


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