Jason Dunn Announces Plans To Perform Hawk Nelson Songs Via Livestream Show

Jason Dunn

Jason Dunn, original frontman of the punk rock band Hawk Nelson, announced that he will be taking us on a trip down memory lane. On Wednesday, March 9, he is going to be doing a livestream show, performing old Hawk Nelson favorites from the decade he was in the band.

“It’s been 7 years since I’ve been on the road, and I miss you!” Jason told fans via a video he released to promote his show.

Tickets and livestream information is available here!

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  1. Jason dunn:. I have asked you what your thoughts were in English to your letters to the president album. I have never seen your message or reply or response to that question of mine yet. I have been a fan of your old band for a very long time. I love how many drums are to a song that is called (King Jesus) You Have What I Need (that friendship or relationship that we need).


  2. Jason dunn:. How might you have got diabetes after how I have read that you have been both a football and a soccer player? At least that is what I have found out after getting some research done on you.


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