Fight the Fade releases scorching industrial rocker “Monster”

Fight the Fade has released a scorching industrial rocker with their brand new single “Monster,” which released on February 16 via independent label FiXT. You can get the song at, and watch the lyric video below.

“‘Monster’ is a question of ‘who am I really?'” the band shares. “Am I the person that you see online, at the store, or even on stage? Or, am I just the sum of all the darkest parts inside myself? It’s about the struggle to find the answer to that question, and ultimately to find the balance between the sides of yourself that may be at war with each other.”

The song joins other recent releases like “Old Wounds” and “Composure,” each with instrumental versions collected in an EP. They are currently building towards a full-length standard album in mid-2022.

Learn more about Fight the Fade on Facebook, Instagram and at

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