Pillar’s Noah Henson announces solo project in an interview on Solid Rock’s Backstage with Mothership

Noah Henson

Noah Henson, longtime guitarist for foundational Christian rock band Pillar, announced tonight on Solid Rock’s Backstage with Mothership that he is preparing to launch a solo project.

Although details are still emerging, the shredder did share that fans can expect the project to lean heavily on his metal influences: “I’m releasing some metal stuff. It’s like for all those people that always thought Pillar should be heavier— well that’s what they’re gonna get!”

You can listen to the full conversation by finding the episode at https://tinyurl.com/BWMPodcasts.

Since his years in Pillar, Noah has also played for country singer Brantley Gilbert. He also does studio work out of his space DredRock Music, and he offers lessons on the side. You can learn more about him at dredrockmusic.com.

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