Broadhead Music Group Announces Signing of The Midnight Wedding

The Midnight Wedding 2022

Broadhead Music Group Inc is excited to announce the signing of their latest artist, Nashville-based rock band, The Midnight Wedding. The band is working on the follow-up to their 2021 debut album (Anthem for the Outcast) which was produced by Josiah Prince of Disciple.

The Midnight Wedding offers crunchy guitars and high-octane vocals from husband and wife duo Brandon and Caitlin Trlak, a musical intensity that collides with a worshipful heart.

“I had the opportunity to personally spend some time with Brandon and Caitlin at The Ranch in Nashville while they were working on some new music with Josiah Prince,” stated Randall Broadhead of BMG.

“Right away I knew that all the talks we have had over the last few months about adding The Midnight Wedding to our BMG Family was going to be well worth it! Not only is their music just exceptional, but their hearts are in the right place! And for us here at Broadhead Music Group….that’s what always comes first!!”

The Midnight Wedding has focused on their goal “to use our music as a platform to reach people who feel lost, hopeless, faithless, rejected, and outcast,” said Brandon and Caitlin. “It has been our heart’s desire to see these people reached and to show them they are loved beyond measure; that no matter where they are in this life, and no matter what they’ve done, their value is more precious than Heaven itself. Because Jesus gave up Heaven for them.”

“Being added to the Broadhead Music Group (BMG) line-up of artists and visionaries has given us the opportunity to expand on our vision and purpose,” the band said. “We are excited to be a small part in what BMG is doing, not only for their artists, but for the people they’re trying reach. We are so grateful that we get to be a part of all they’re doing! The journey has just gotten bigger and greater.”

The Midnight Wedding’s debut album Anthem for the Outcast introduced listeners to the dual themes of darkness and redemptive love that define The Midnight Wedding. From heavy-hitting rockers that dive into the heart of depression and suicidal thoughts to soaring pop worship anthems that carry us out of those valleys.

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Source: Broadhead Music Group

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