GFM Signs With Rockfest Records, Release New Single ‘Framing My Perception’

GFM 2022

Fresh off announcing that they have signed with Rockfest Records and in the midst of kicking off their tour with Fozzy, Gold Frankincense & Myrrh (GFM) released their latest single, “Framing My Perception.”

In a surprise post on Facebook, GFM revealed that this is the title track from an upcoming Rockfest Records debut set to release on May 27.

“Framing My Perception” is a well-polished, made-for-radio song featuring harmonious vocals by Maggie and CJ, backed by the steady-handed Lulu on drums and topped off by a sweet guitar solo in the middle of the tune.

The theme of the song is about taking a chance on a new day by reframing perceptions from something negative to something positive.

GFM is known for their catchy hooks, heavy vocals and driving instrumentals, as well as their vibrant videos and engaging on stage performances (including the famous cupcake toss).

Find “Framing My Perception” on Spotify and Apple Music, and follow GFM on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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