Boiling Point Releases Single “Ready, Set, No”

boiling point 2022

Friday April 1, Broadhead Music Group artist Boiling Point released their latest single from their album Hope Lives Here.

“Ready, Set, No” is a ballad with heavier musical moments in the chorus as the intensity of the guitars and drums grows, contrasted to the verses where the vocals of Eric Bjorklund and guest vocalist Chris Depoian take center stage.

Vocalist Eric Bjorklund said that he feels “this song is the most important on the record,” he said. In December, Bjorklun experienced watching someone struggle with health issues that would easily be treatable in the United States. “If there are people in this world that don’t have access to healthcare, what is our response as people of faith?” The song is about helping break barriers and access to healthcare in developing countries.

The chorus speaks to the weight of this on Bjorklund’s heart.

Wait now, this is a mistake now
Shouldn’t go this way now
How do I make sense of this?
Wait now, this is a mistake now
Shouldn’t go this way now
How do I move on under a weight like this?

Although Boiling Point listeners might come for the passionate vocals and memorable guitar hooks, the independent rock band’s emotional depth and unflinching honesty is what keeps crowds coming back.

Boiling Point continues to explore that realness on Hope Lives Here. The music comes on the tail of their YouTube-based mini-series by the same name exploring their mission work in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Find “Ready, Set, No” and more by Boiling Point on Spotify and Apple Music. Keep up with Boiling Point by following them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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