Nautical Rockers Rusty Shipp Release Single ‘King Of The Deep’

Nashville-based independent rock band Rusty Shipp dropped their latest single earlier this month, a track titled “King of the Deep.”

“King Of The Deep” may be their most nautical rock song yet, according to the band in a Facebook post. “For fans of the band’s explicitly Nautical Rock ‘N’ Roll songs of the past, such as ‘Davy Jones,’ this single (the closest thing to a rock opera Rusty Shipp has ever made) is the nautical rock formula taken to the extreme, to make every die-hard Rusty Shipp fan’s dreams come true,” they said.

The song is a blend of melodic guitars and ghastly and enchanting choruses, all with an overtone of waterlike echos to complete the seaboard vibes.

Find “King Of The Deep” everywhere music can be streamed.

Earlier this year, Rusty Shipp released their first single from upcoming record Dark Side Of The Ocean. As of April 8, “Bottom of the Barrel” was tracking at number 18 on the Christian Music Weekly radio charts.

Rusty Shipp is a nautical rock ‘n’ roll band from Nashville, TN, named after frontman Russ T. Shipp, whose goal is to make the most creative, catchy music possible, as evidenced by their thought-provoking, underwater grunge sound.

Keep up with the band by following them on Facebook and YouTube.

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