Reclaim the Day Releases New EP ‘Psalms’

Reclaim the Day Psalms

Reclaim the Day is a hard-hitting group out of Indiana that never fails to bring intensity with their music. Their new EP Psalms is no exception. Each of the 5 songs packs a punch.

The EP starts out with the song “Sentenced to Life,” a track that pulls the listener in with the melodic intro and haunting vocal quality. The intro fades and blends seamlessly with the driving drumbeats and guitars. The chorus of the song really could resonate with listeners when they feel like they have lost their way and don’t see an end in sight.

I used to walk among the innocent
I used to live inside the safety of your light
All I want is to be free again
The way it was before the shadows stalked my night
Can you save me from this prison where I’m sentenced to life?

As “Sentenced to Life” hits the second verse, Reclaim the Day brings in the metal with ferocity in the vocals that lends to the intensity of the lyrics: “These demons haunt me / As I live and breathe / I’m searching for a life / Where there is peace / I have to break this cycle / I’ve had enough / As God as my witness / I will not give up.

Check out the official lyric video to “Sentenced to Life” below!

The second track, “Chokehold,” also is sure to be a crowd-pleaser as it features Zahna. This track does not hold back, beginning with the classic hardcore driving drums and heavy vocals. If anyone is a fan of solid heavy metal, this track will not disappoint. It also blends with Zahna’s impeccable vocals that go from melodic to heavy seamlessly. This song does a fantastic job of showing an inner war within oneself to have confidence, speak up and believe in yourself. It describes the feeling of being overwhelmed by the struggles in life being similar to a chokehold.

“I know these words need life With this weight I’m paralyzed
Heavy hands grow like mountains on my neck
Screaming with my throat closed I can barely breathe in the chokehold
So here I’m standing on the edge now I’m fighting just to breathe or speak out loud
The weight is breaking my back
I find myself sinking down Is my fate written in these bones
Like the stone that has me In this chokehold.”

Reclaim the Day released an amazing music video for “Chokehold,” which you can see below!

The third track is “Yours Alone.” This is a beautiful ballad, emotional and moving. It has a worship feel as it serves as an anthem to keep God at the forefront of your life. The music lends well to the lyrics, and it is simple but elegant in its pursuit to bring worship to God.

“When our lives come crashing down and our hope is fading
Your the rescue in this sound
Your voice echoes in our veins with love unchanging
Your the song my heart will sing
We give all that we are to you, not to our temporary home
We give all that we are to you. We are yours alone.

The fourth song takes it back into the metal sphere with “Say Goodbye.” It starts out with intricate guitar solos, a really stand-out moment that is evident throughout the whole song. The song blends clean musicality with both heavy scream vocals and a clean rock sound. It is a well-done example of a well-executed song in the metal genre.

The final track of the EP is “Don’t Look Back.” This track finishes out the EP well, leaving listeners with what to expect from future Reclaim the Day projects. “Don’t Look Back” offers everything you’d want as a fan of heavy metal, with great vocals, scream vocals, drums and complex guitar parts. It’s lyrically on point as well, exploring the truth that life is only moving forward. It does no good to look at the past, because the past should remain there.

Make sure to follow Reclaim the Day on their Facebook and Instagram for any upcoming tour dates. Listen to them on Spotify and Apple Music.

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