The First Annual Immortal Fest Exclusive Photos

This post and all photos featured were contributed by Chad Fenner (Concert Fotos).

The BMI Event Center in Versaille Ohio might be more known for its motorsports and parts supply, but on occasion, they convert their indoor track into a full-fledged music venue. They bring in some killer shows to the middle of nowhere in Ohio.

Their most recent foray into hosting live music was a festival featuring some of the true legends of the Classic Christian Metal days of the 80s, an event dubbed The First Annual Immortal Fest.

The fest was 3 days with 11 bands, giving each band a full 90-minute set.

This epic list of artists included:

  • Saint (with most of the original members and current vocalist Dave Nelson)
  • Human Code (featuring Michael Drive of Barren Cross on vocals, George Ochoa of Deliverance on guitar, Terry ‘The Animal’ Russell of Holy Soldier on drums, and Todd Libby of Worldview on bass)
  • Sacred Warrior (all the original members)
  • Deny the Fallen (featuring Rey Parra, the original voice of Sacred Warrior on vocals, with Bruce Swift and Jonathan Johnson also from Sacred Warrior, filled out with sons of Rey and Jonathan swapping out drum duty and even making a vocal appearance)
  • Chaotic Resemblance (the “token” new band)
  • Whitecross (with original members Rex Carroll, Michael Feighan and Benny Ramos along with new vocalist David Roberts)
  • Barren Cross (with all original members)
  • Classic Petra Resurrection (featuring Greg X. Volz, John Lawry, and Louie Weaver doing Greg X-era songs)
  • The Daniel Band (with original members Tony Rossi and Dan McCabe)
  • Fear Not (a 1987-formed hard rock band from California)

Les Carlson, the voice of Bloodgood, headlined the fest. After the recent passing of Michael Bloodgood, the band decided to retire the name “Bloodgood,” but continue on under the name Les Carlson Band with guitarists Paul Jackson and Craig Church along with Les’s wife Joyce.

Whether or not there will actually be a Second Annual Immortal Fest remains to be seen (though the rumor mill is saying there will be), but I like the optimism expressed in how they named this one.

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