Skillet Releases “Psycho in My Head” and Announces Deluxe Edition of Dominion

Dominion Day of Destiny cover by Skillet

Skillet announced today, alongside the release of new track “Psycho in my Head,” that they will be releasing a deluxe edition of Dominion on February 17.

The Deluxe edition is called Dominion: Day of Destiny. There are also bundles for purchase in their online store that include the physical album and a beanie (at the lowest priced bundle) all the way to one that includes a hoodie, T-Shirt, signed poster and physical album. You can purchase the bundles on Skillet’s online store.

You can pre-save and pre-add on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as pre-ordering on iTunes. All of those options are available at Presaves and preorders include “Psycho in My Head,” one of the new songs from the deluxe edition. Dominion: Day of Destiny will include 17 songs total, meaning there will be five new songs added to the standard release. These five tracks are “Crossfire,” “Pscyho in my Head,” “Finish Line” (featuring Adam Gontier of Saint Asonia), “Unbreakable Soul” and “The Defiant.”

“Psycho in my Head” is a hard-hitting single that combines several signature elements from previous Skillet albums. Driving and intricate guitar riffs by Seth Morrison offer a heavy, gritty feel, but the lyrics are clean and catchy. The first verse that repeats throughout says:

“Maybe I’m just paranoid
Or maybe I’m just livin’ a lie
Can’t stop this screamin’ voice
Or maybe I’m just sick inside.”

Jen Ledger’s groove with the drums carries the song forward in a nice progression through the lyrics from verse to chorus. The song had me singing along after the first couple of listens. There were even nods to previous albums, like the industrial and synth sound long-time fans will recognize from Alien Youth and Comatose, alongside the gritty rock from Collide. The chorus is equally powerful, with lyrics like:

There’s a psycho in my head
I’m closer to the edge
Makin’ me feel like I’m livin’ in misery, misery
These voices in my brain
Starting to feel like it’s gonna be the death of me, death of me
There’s a psycho in my, there’s a psycho in my head

This first single is a reference to the battle that often wages inside of us: what we want to do, and what we do instead. This theme is abundantly clear with lyrics that speak to it plainly:

This is the face
I hate the other side of me
Help me believe
I need to see the light in me
Tell me, tell me, tell me
I’m not crazy

Listen to the full audio on their YouTube below.

Make sure to follow Skillet on Instagram and Facebook for news on the deluxe album and their new tour, the Rock Resurrection Tour.

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