Saved by Skarlet Crafts A Hard Rock Epic with “Black Knight”

Black Knight Saved by Skarlet

Saved by Skarlet crafts a hard rock epic with “Black Knight,” a sweeping tale told through prog metal musical influences.

The single’s backbone is solidly hard rock, but ferocious double kicks, technical riffs, and the haunting samples of church bells and other sonic elements foray into the metal realm. It’s a fitting musical housing for a song that tells a story of shows faith as an epic quest.

Weaving its way through darkness, danger, and metaphorical life battles, “Black Knight” is a resolute song of conviction. A dragon is chosen to symbolize the destructive things in our lives that come to steal, kill, and destroy. The lyrics seem to come from a soldier who is weary from the fight, but determined to hope for a knight who could repair the chaos. The bridge is sweeping and soul-lifting:

You have seen my descent
Now prepare for the rising
We held the line, the sword of truth unbroken
I will survive to watch the embers burn.

Saved by Skarlet has been around for a while now, sending faith-forward music into the world from Rhode Island. “Black Knight” is a level-up in musical sophistication and thematic maturity for the band. It hints at the reality that our soul’s journey is truly the most epic adventure story, all while showcasing technical mastery. Listeners take heed: you’ll be hearing a lot more from these fiery bards.

Listen to “Black Knight” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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