Behind the Song: “Apology” by World Gone Cold

World Gone Cold Apology

World Gone Cold, the rock supergroup featuring members of P.O.D, Demon Hunter, Disciple, The Letter Black, and Attack Attack!, has released their second single with “Apology.” As the ferocious follow-up to previous release “Opposites Attract,” “Apology” continues to see World Gone Cold coming out of the gate swinging.

We asked lead singer Ryland Raus (Attack Attack!, Inhale/Exhale) about the story behind the song. He shared:

“Apology is a song that is very raw and passionate. It talks about a relationship from multiple standpoints, as well as multiple stages of said relationship. It highlights how a relationship is always evolving, with high and low points. As new relationships form and evolve over time, there are so many factors that contribute to the success or failure of it.

“It starts with that nervous feeling of really getting emotionally invested in someone or something and then deciding you are in it to win it. All of a sudden, doubt enters your mind, and the situation turns dark. Envy starts to eat away at your mind. Then you find yourself stuck in what seems to be an endless cycle of unhealthy mental struggle within the relationship. You want to break this cycle, but this burning pain inside you becomes almost like an addiction.

“The relationship then comes to an end begrudgingly. When the dust settles and there has been enough space and time to heal, then a real and honest conversation takes place. Both parties now have the opportunity for an apology.”

You can listen to “Apology” by World Gone Cold on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major streaming platforms. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube as they prepare to release their debut self-titled EP.

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