Admitting the Trauma: “Apophysitis” by Fight the Fade

Apophysitis Fight the Fade cover

Filled to the brim with driven guitars, synth swagger, and emotive expressionism, Apophysitis by Fight the Fade is an album that leaves listeners on their toes and fires on all cylinders.

Amorphous by Icon For Hire

Amorphous Icon For Hire Cover

Amorphous is an experience built on soaring melodies, powerful beats, clever lyrics, and a welcome return to a soundscape shimmering through electronic beds while staying rooted in guitars. Icon For Hire portrays a world where our wounds do not lie in opposition to our strength, suggesting that maybe the two are inextricably linked. Maybe in all the unformed, amorphous moments of our lives, there is grace for all the conflicting truths about ourselves to coexist.