Mourn with Those Who Mourn: Thinking About Lament

Songs of Lament

Rock music has a unique way of communicating pain. Its often visceral and raw sound is the perfect complement to the weight hurt often carries. When all within us wants to shriek and scream, metal expresses for us what’s going on internally.

Drum Solos and Salvation Stories: A Conversation with Lori Peters-George and Chris George

Chris and Lori George of The Emerald Escape

Platinum-earning drummer, breast cancer survivor, producer: Lori Peters-George has worn a lot of hats in her lifetime. Although her years as drummer for Skillet saw her on stages around the world during the band's early ascent to fame, the ways she has spent her life in the years since that season came to a close might be even more significant. Rock On Purpose contributor Matt Sassano spent some time talking with Lori and her husband Chris George, taking a deep dive into their story, their studio, and the redemption testimonies that drive them.