Passionate and Personal: “Kill The Pain” by Emerald Escape

Emerald Escape has released new single “Kill The Pain,” a hard rock song featuring Lori Peters (Skillet) on drums. Emerald Escape is the brainchild of vocalist and guitarist Chris George.

“Kill The Pain” is a mid-tempo rock track that ranges from driving choruses to a haunting, pleading bridge. The guitar riffs are refreshingly raw and straight-forward, anchored by drums from Lori Peters. The vocals are a highlight on the song, with Chris showing versatility as he moves from grit on the verses into razor sharp choruses. It’s a dynamic that holds the track together and reminds of bands like Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin.

Although this might be the first song you’re hearing from Emerald Escape, the track has a mature sound born of both skill and passion. Chris George and his wife Lori Peters created “Kill The Pain” in their studio space, Ocean Studios. In addition to the experience with Skillet that Lori brings to the table, Chris has honed his own skills through writing, engineering, and producing.

Lyrically, Chris has shared that the track was born from his own struggles with chronic pain and depression. The cry out to God to “kill the pain” is a plea for healing on both a physical and a spiritual level, a desperation that feels intensely vulnerable and personal. “Kill The Pain” is marked with a conviction that will instantly resonate with listeners who have walked their own journeys through suffering.

“Kill The Pain” proves promising for what we might be able to expect in the future from Emerald Escape. It satisfies every criteria for an excellent hard rock track while offering solidarity and the hope of God’s ultimate healing to all who are in pain.

You can find the track on Spotify. Learn more about Emerald Escape by visiting their website or following on Facebook and Instagram.

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