VERIDIA Launches Preorder For New Album ‘The Beast You Feed’

VERIDIA has launched preorders for their new album The Beast You Feed through PledgeMusic. The project will be releasing independently, so the preorder serves as a fan funding model as well.

“A recent business development with our record label getting purchased has led to us having a brand new album to release but no label to do it through,” the band explains on their campaign page. “We’ve partnered with PledgeMusic so that fans and supporters like YOU can help us finally release this album to the world!”

The album announcement follows the announcement of the first single, “Numb,” which will be releasing on July 27 and is available on presave on Spotify now (click here). VERIDIA singer Deena Jakoub took fans behind the personal process of the last two years and the new song in a transparent post on social media. “The past 2 years have been an excruciating battle to get out of deep depression and to find joy in moments again,” she shared. “While trying to numb heartbreak, I was simultaneously numbing my ability to feel the love around me.”

The song also gives fans a taste of the kind of healing messages VERIDIA listeners have come to expect, with Deena concluding “You are beautiful and so is your story. It’s NOT just you, we all numb… and even though I’ve come to realize vulnerability is one of the most valuable relational tools, it doesn’t make it easier. But, I promise, it is SO worth it. I’ve decided to stop letting fear, anxiety, and depression prevent me from having incredible experiences, from loving and truly knowing myself and others. You can find joy, love, happiness, and fulfillment in this life.”

Preorder packages for The Beast You Feed are all available on the campaign page now. You can continue to keep up with VERIDIA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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