Finding Hope: A Festival With a Mental Health Mission

Finding Hope 2021

Finding Hope Festival was founded with the intention of meeting people in the midst of their mental health struggles: depression, anxiety, addiction and suicidal thoughts. They meet people first with songs that provide anthems of hope for the hopeless. They follow up with practical ministries and resources to continue to support each person in their recovery journey.


The Cause: Bro-Am Foundation The Mission: The Bro-Am began as a yearly charity event hosted by Switchfoot in their home territory of Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA. Although originally the event benefited a multitude of charities supporting at risk youth in the California community, eventually the event would grow into a foundation all its own. Now in [...]

The Exodus Road

The Cause: The Exodus Road The Mission: The Exodus Road exists to find and free victims of human trafficking. In addition to equipping and running reconnaissance missions, The Exodus Road works with local law enforcement to empower communities. They also follow up with rehabilitation. The Band: Remedy Drive has transformed their band into a vehicle [...]