Breaking Benjamin Releases St. Jude Sessions

Breaking Benjamin has always been intentional in investing in charitable work, most recently bringing their music directly to those who need it most with the St. Jude Sessions.

St. Jude All Access is a new initiative from St. Jude, the children’s research hospital, to highlight some of the artists who have invested their time and their talents in supporting St. Jude. Breaking Benjamin is the very first artist to be featured in the series, with an acoustic performance for some of the hospital’s patients and an interview that shares what inspires them to give back. Breaking Benjamin has been supporting St. Jude financially for several years.

This morning Breaking Benjamin shared videos of the two songs performed– their own song “Until the End” and a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”– on their website.

For Breaking Benjamin founder and lead singer Benjamin Burnley, connecting with the mission of St. Jude feels personal. Burnley has had a crippling chronic pain disorder for over a decade. “My own illness has definitely made me realize the fortunate aspects that people take for granted in life,” he shares. “Music provides a comfort, that you just don’t feel alone.”

It’s just as near and dear to the rest of the band as well. Guitarist Aaron Bruch watched dear friends lose their child to cancer. “No parent should ever, ever have to experience that. So anything that I can do to help make sure that no parent ever has to go through that again, I’m going to do,” Bruch promises.

St. Jude provides research, care, and financial relief to children and their families who are facing cancer. Read more stories of how they’re supporting healing at

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