Modern Rock Masterpiece: ‘Escape the Fall’ by Relentless Flood

Relentless Flood has brought a beautiful blend of hard rock and real lyrics to the table in their third full length album, Escape the Fall. With a sound combination of Daughtry-meets-Breaking Benjamin, the North Carolina natives have created an album that every modern rock fan can enjoy.

The album begins with powerful guitar licks on “Away from Me.” Marshal Huffman’s voice breaks into the noise, raging against the enemies of the soul with the words:

Get away from me, ’cause now I see
That you’re no good for me
Just stay away from me, hopeless enemy
You’re going down today.”

“Breaking Out” begins with a similar driving instrumental before backing off to let the vocals shine through. The lyrics draw a picture of breaking free from humanity’s brokenness through redemption. Distorted guitars come back in full force during the chorus; a well-crafted guitar solo between refrains beautifully completes this track.

Heavy guitar riffs and drum beats set the tone for “’Til the End.” The vocals create a story of war, with the chorus serving as a reminder:

When you just can’t seem to take it anymore
I’ll see you through
I’m here and I’ll be
With you ’til the end.”

“Take it All” starts with a quiet voice of surrender before the instrumental allows the mood to soar. The vocals take the lead on this song; the guitars and drums set the mood and take over for a brief breakdown. “Standing Tall” begins with more driving guitars but settles in to a rise and fall similar to the previous track. Lyrically, this song opens the door into a big struggle of Christian rock: it stands as a letter to people who condemn artists because of the style of the music they create.

The album slows with clean guitars and vocals in “Used to Be.” This track is a glance to the past in a future made better by faith:

Now I’m on my way
No longer fighting just to breathe
It’s like I’m waking up
Into a brand new day.”

“Wake Me” continues with softer music that builds up into waves of a signature modern rock sound before crashing back down into drum and vocally driven verses. It speaks of reigniting a fire for life after becoming complacent. “Bullets” brings a distorted intro to headbang to before fading to let the vocals lead in the verse. This track is a wake up call for humanity to love more, featuring these hard-hitting lyrics:

We push away the ones who need us most
Will we ever see that hate defiles our hearts and leaves us cold?
We pull the trigger once again
Like we need more bullets in our fate.”

The album’s title track hits with full intensity on all sides; the drums are skillfully woven in through blaring guitar riffs and powerful vocals. It speaks of being on the edge of falling down in faith, a cry to God for help to “Escape the Fall.” “Set Me Free” begins with a slight pop-punk feel before diving back into radio rock. Lyrically, it’s a cry out to God to be set free from the burden of a broken soul.

Escape the Fall is an album that explores the heights and depths of a Christian’s journey, while also providing skillfully crafted instrumentals in a soundtrack for fans of any age to rock out to.

Find Escape the Fall on Spotify and Apple Music

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