Manafest In Final Hours Of Remix Album Pledge Campaign

Rapper/rocker Manafest is in the final hours of a PledgeMusic campaign to fund a remix project. You can find the campaign by clicking here.

The album is called Stones Reloaded, and will feature 14 tracks, one of which will be a never-before-heard song. “It sounds like a brand new emotionally charged album, highlighting lyrics and moments making it one of my most diverse records,” Manafest explained on the campaign page.

The creative team for the project included a diverse range of remixers and merchandise creation by Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter) and Corey Myers. Manafest has been keeping social media updated on the project through videos at every step of the process.

In addition to visiting PledgeMusic for preorder bundle options, you can find Manafest on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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