Rusty Shipp Launches Patreon Page

Rusty Shipp announced a Patreon page for supporters called The Ghost Shipp. Patreon is a way for supporters of bands to show their support in the form of a monthly subscription for exclusive content.

Artist Support Master List

This is a running list of ways you can support your favorite bands through the crisis of lost touring revenue due to COVID-19. Feel free to contact us or reach out via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with additional resources for us to add to this list. Amongst the Giants: Merch Disciple: The Rebel Society (Patreon) [...]

Disciple Rallies Fans to Replace Trailer

Disciple is rallying their fans to help them replace their trailer and purchase Switchfoot's old video screen. The band is inviting fans to donate at, which takes them direction to PayPal. The band shared a video on Facebook showing exactly how worn out the trailer is. The band has been touring with the same [...]