Disciple Rallies Fans to Replace Trailer

Disciple is rallying their fans to help them replace their trailer and purchase Switchfoot’s old video screen. The band is inviting fans to donate at disciplerocks.com/donate, which takes them direction to PayPal.

The band shared a video on Facebook showing exactly how worn out the trailer is. The band has been touring with the same trailer since 2005. The road is clearly visible through the trailer’s floor now, and it frequently comes loose from the band’s bus. You can hear more from the band in the video here.

As if to prove the point, mere days after the band posted the initial update, they shared a live video from bus call where the trailer had become clearly unusable. Disciple has been renting a trailer for their last several shows.

In addition to the new trailer, Disciple plans to buy a video screen to bring their live experience to the next level. They’ll be purchasing the video wall that Switchfoot has been using on tour for the last several years. The new equipment will help the band continue to bring their hope-filled evenings of rock across the country as they prepare to release both a new worship album (under the name Kevin Young) and a new Disciple record in the near future.

Fans have already raised more than half of the needed goal. To be a part of outfitting Disciple to stay on the road, visit disciplerocks.com/donate, or share their posts and keep up with their progress on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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