‘Numb’ by VERIDIA: Sonic Solidarity

If good things come to those who wait, then great things might come to VERIDIA fans, who have been waiting four years for a full length album from the electrifying rock act VERIDIA. That full length album is coming in the form of The Beast You Feed, available for preorder through PledgeMusic now. The first taste of The Beast You Feed is lead single “Numb.”

“Numb” serves as an introduction to a new era of VERIDIA. The electronic elements step to the fore, but still with the hard-hitting grit we’ve come to expect. Brandon Brown’s guitars lines are still woven through the mix. Beats laid down by drummer Kyle Levy punctuate the emotional intensity of the message.

That message is delivered by singer Deena Jakoub in tones that range from flawlessly clear to a droning cadence emphasizing the theme of numbing out our pain: “I wanna go numb / ‘Til I feel dumb / Give me more drums / Turn the bass track up / I wanna go numb.”

It’s in these lyrics (and the brilliant way the instrumentation serves their point) that the true identity of VERIDIA stands clearer than ever before. They shed light into some of the darker places of the human emotional experience, offering the perspective of people who have been there. “I realized that in taking action to numb painful emotions, I was also numbing beautiful ones. While trying to numb heartbreak, I was simultaneously numbing my ability to feel the love around me,” Deena shared about the song’s message. “You are beautiful and so is your story. It’s NOT just you, we all numb… and even though I’ve come to realize vulnerability is one of the most valuable relational tools, it doesn’t make it easier. But, I promise, it is SO worth it. I’ve decided to stop letting fear, anxiety, and depression prevent me from having incredible experiences, from loving and truly knowing myself and others. You can find joy, love, happiness, and fulfillment in this life.”

That solidarity will be the takeaway, resonating with listeners for just as long as the throb of the infectious bass line.

You can listen to “Numb” now on Spotify or iTunes.

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