Jon Foreman Gives His Shirt to Fan Who Wore Switchfoot Shirts for 28 Days

Jon Foreman, lead singer of Switchfoot, is mailing one of his own shirts to a dedicated fan who devoted the entire month of February to wearing a different Switchfoot shirt every day.

“I wore only @switchfoot shirts for the entire month of February. That’s pretty cool right?” fan Mitchell Hartley tweeted. He included a picture with his full collection of shirts.

Not long after, Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman and Drew Shirley posted a video, which you can watch below. “We couldn’t figure out what we’d give you because you already have all our shirts,” Jon said. “So I’d just give you the shirt off my back.”

Mitchell used the hashtag “#SwitchShirtFebruary” to document his journey, during which he attended Switchfoot’s Native Tongue tour. For a full list of Switchfoot’s tour dates (or to get 28 Switchfoot shirts of your own), visit

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