Fresh Pop And Funky Beats: ‘Brand New Day’ by 7eventh Time Down

7eventh Time Down has always made upbeat music that edifies the church, with hit songs like “God Is on the Move” and “Just Say Jesus,” but a new term might be needed to describe the musical style on their newest album Brand New Day.

The best way to describe the multitude of elements happening throughout the album is to call this music “funk pop” (you heard it hear first, folks). While the overall sound is rooted in modern pop, 7eventh Time Down carves a niche by mixing in components familiar to funk music like dance worthy beats, rhythmic bass and thundering drums.

Taking it a step further, “Make It Count” and “Help Me” blend hints of urban and hip hop sounds with the overarching funk pop sound. All of this results in a refreshingly fun and high-energy album that keeps the pedal to the floor, daring listeners not to move to the beat.

The message to The Church is made clear from the top. “I Have Decided” firmly plants the flag while invoking familiar lyrics from the old hymn of the same title.

“In a world that stands divided
Let the church stand united
If you’re with me, let me here you say
I have decided

With my hands and my feet
With my heart and my voice
I will follow Jesus.”

The album continues to dive deep into faith, worshiping Christ and talking about what following Him looks like, each song building on the last. “Let Me Tell You” is a song about how Jesus changes us through grace and “The 99” describes a God who loves us so much that He will travel to the darkest corners to find and bring us home.

“Make It Count” leads with guitars that lend to a reggae feel before it crescendos into the booming chorus declaring that we’re running out of time to make our lives count.

“Right now it’s a new day
Another chance to live your life the God way
Before the light burns out
Before the time runs out.”

Turn heads by turning up the bumping title track on your car stereo. “Brand New Day” is the purest funk track on the album, declaring that it’s “A brand new day with you” and that “I cannot deny the Truth.”

After a worshipful pop tune, “Can You,” the album enters the final turn strong with “Help Me” before closing with a mic drop of a song.  “Basic” leverages a hooky beat and an in-your-face message to leave listeners contemplating what God’s love looks like.

“This love ain’t basic, it covers all bases
Walking through the room, got you guessing who it came with
Wider than the space is, deeper than the bass hits
Hooky like this beat I’m cooking up in the basement
This love ain’t basic.”

With Brand New Day, 7eventh Time Down has achieved the task of appealing to fans of nearly every genre in one album. From worship and pop that to hip hop and funk, this album will have you dancing in both body and spirit.

You can find Brand New Day on Spotify and iTunes.

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