A Rock Show Wedding: Fans Get Married During The Protest’s Set

On July 26, 2019, Jordan and Kaitlyn were pronounced husband and wife.

What makes this newsworthy is that this momentous event happened at a concert being performed by The Protest, with members of The Protest acting as wedding attendants and witnesses. 

As with any good story, a good background is important.

This background involves Wayne Nale, one of the driving forces behind the now-two-years-old Chains Unchained festival. You have to know that the entire Nale family are huge fans of The Protest, and that three years ago Wayne’s oldest son, Micah, got engaged at a Protest concert.

Now fast forward to present time.  Jordan is Wayne’s younger son, and he has been engaged to Kaitlyn since July 4. Kaitlyn is currently living in a situation that will end shortly, so she began looking for a new place to live.  Given that she is about to get married, it made sense that she find a place where they both could live after the wedding.

Well, life is funny sometimes, and she quickly found a place– too quickly.  This place opens up early in August. It was perfect for the two of them, but if she didn’t jump on it immediately, it was likely not going to be available come January (when the couple originally planned to get married). She was not comfortable with the idea of living there alone, and moving in unmarried was not an option for them.

So Jordan threw out the idea that they do the legal marriage now, with the formal, ceremonial wedding in January as planned. That way he and his bride could live there together in a way that aligned with their beliefs and desire to honor God. While this idea certainly had its pros, the biggest con was that Chains Unchained was only three days away, and there was just no time to arrange for the legal trappings of a marriage before the new place opened up.

Unless . . .

Remembering that Wayne’s older son got engaged at a The Protest concert, what could possible one-up that better than his younger son getting married at a The Protest concert? And since The Protest was the Friday night headliner for Chains Unchained, it made perfect sense.

So Pastor Wayne performed the ceremony, with Josh, Jarob, Adam, and TJ performing the traditional roles of the attendants, including keeping track of the rings and signing off on the marriage license. It was a beautiful ceremony, and there was not a dry eye in the house.

For more information on the Chains Unchained festival, see facebook.com/chainsunchainedfest.

For a pictorial gallery from this year’s Chains Unchained fest by Rock On Purpose contributing photographer Chad Fenner of Concert Fotos, see the gallery.

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