Zahna Launches Vevo Channel to Debut New Video

Rockfest Records artist Zahna has unveiled a music video for her chart-smashing debut single “Underneath.”

The video, which was directed and shot by PJ Mills and colorized and edited by Attention to Detail Media, was launched today on Zahna’s brand new Vevo Channel, according to a post shared on Facebook. Check out the video below.

“Underneath,” which recently reached the top 40 on the mainstream Billboard rock charts, is the first single from the debut project by Zahna, Red For War (find it on iTunes or Spotify).

It’s a busy week for Zahna. The City Rockfest Tour, which annually features both signed and indie rock acts from the Christian music industry, announced Zahna as the first act who will be part of the 2019 lineup.
Catch up with the latest Zahna happenings by visiting or following her on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

This story contributed by Matt Durlin.

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