Skillet’s John Cooper and Seth Morrison Announce Heavy Side Project Fight the Fury

Skillet’s John Cooper (vocals) and Seth Morrison (guitar) have announced a brand new side project, Fight the Fury. They launched their social media pages and an email list, inviting fans to sign up for more news before the end of the day.

“I have been dying to announce my new band Fight the Fury! For those fans who keep asking for hard and heavy music, this project is for you,” John Cooper shared in the post. The band has already announced a few upcoming shows in Russia this winter.

This news continues what seems to be the year of the side project for Skillet, who has also been celebrating Jen Ledger’s first solo EP, LEDGER. Fans don’t have to be alarmed though: Skillet has been assuring their audience on social media that Skillet is going to keep going strong too.

The fan reaction has been immediate and explosive, with many Skillet fans who loved the Collide-era hopeful for a return to the grittier sound they fell in love with. To keep up with Fight the Fury as it develops, you can join the email list, or find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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