Fit For a King Release Powerful Music Video for ‘Oblivion’

Fit For a King has released a powerful, cinematic new music video for their song “Oblivion” from Dark Skies.

The music video follows up the previously released video for “The Price of Agony.” Both songs are from the acclaimed album Dark Skies, which released on September 14 and has already passed a million streams on Spotify. You can watch the new video below.

*CONTENT WARNING: Domestic violence*

The video weaves shots of the band playing in with a narrative about a young boy who runs away from home due to his father’s abuse of his mom. The boy grows up to be a professional boxer who vents his anger in the ring. One day, his father sees pictures of his son online. Showing obvious remorse, the father goes to meet his son and ask for forgiveness. The video culminates in a powerful and heart-wrenching conclusion.

Singer Ryan Kirby has stated that the song’s core message is that of forgiveness. He also called the video “our most emotionally intense music video to date.”

To keep up with further releases from Fit For a King, find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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