Eowyn Launches New Website and Album Preorder

Eowyn Music

Rock artist Eowyn has launched a brand new website alongside the preorder for her long-awaited album Just Believe.

The website relaunch and upcoming album break a seven year silence for the singer, who has not released new material since 2011’s Beautiful Ashes. The new album is being produced in partnership with legendary rock producer Travis Wyrick (P.O.D., Disciple, Pillar). Just Believe started as an acoustic project, but has evolved into more of an alt rock sonicscape. You can hear more from Eowyn about the project in the video below.

In addition to preorder options that are now available at eowynmusic.com, you can also hear samples of each of the 12 tracks from the upcoming album.

To learn more about Eowyn and to keep up with her musical endeavors, you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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