Soul-Quenching Energy: Planetboom Youth ‘LEMME TELLYA’

Planetboom, the multi-cultural youth ministry of Planetshakers Church, released its fourth single in a year on August 10, 2018.

“LEMME TELLYA” is a powerful and worshipful declaration of Jesus. Musically, the hip-hop tune has a fantastic funky beat with a great blend of electronics sprinkled throughout, reminiscent of Miami-based Social Club Misfits.

The Planetboom youth ministry follows in the footsteps of its parent organization with a focus on music targeted to the church, but with youth in mind. The vision is merging contemporary music with biblical truth.

According to Creative Director Josh Ham, “the song presents a new, in-your-face sound that is paralleled by its authoritative lyrics, bringing to life the raw praise as read about in Revelation 4.”

Planetboom has released three singles over the last year, including “Praise Over Problems,” another hip hop worship track about being able to talk to God about how big our problems are and telling the world of His greatness.

Their latest single, “LEMME TELLYA,” starts out with a simple techno beat to set the tone before the well-syncopated verse begins: “Let me tell you ‘bout Him / Jesus is His name / And I’m all about Him / I live to bring Him praise.”

The chorus is a call and response worthy of a youth conference worship session or urban Easter Sunday. The song crescendos to a booming close with hype that only a DJ can drop, bringing the house down while creating visions of strobe lights.

This anthemic, energetic track is sure to bring joy to the soul.

Find “LEMME TELLYA” on iTunes and Spotify.

All the latest Planetboom Band news and updates can be found at, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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