Tooth & Nail Announces Record Deal With Mike Mains and The Branches

Mike Mains and the Branches

Tooth & Nail Records has announced the signing of Michigan-based American pop/rock band Mike Mains & The Branches to the label family.

In a post on Facebook, the band said, “We are excited to announce we will be releasing our next album, When We Were In Love, on Tooth & Nail Records.” On their kickstarter page, the band discusses challenges faced over the last four years.

“We’ve had a lot of things test the confidence we have in our music, relationships, friendships and life,” they said. “This spring we made some big life changes and got a call from our friends at Tooth & Nail Records. We spent the summer putting all of the pieces in place and signing a record deal with them.”

The MMTB kickstarter campaign features preorder packages in support of the forthcoming album. In addition, the band released the debut single from When We Were In Love, a song called “Endless Summer.”

Mike Mains & The Branches released their last album, critically acclaimed sophomore effort Calm Down, Everything Is Fine, in 2014. Learn more about Mike Mains & The Branches by visiting their website or following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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