Demon Hunter Announces Dual Album Release

Metal band Demon Hunter has announced twin releases for March 1, 2019: War and Peace. Both albums are available for preorder through their own web store and through label Solid State Records’ store.

The two albums are meant to represent the duality of Demon Hunter’s legendary discography: the brutal heavy songs and the chilling ballads. War will represent the heavy end. Peace holds the softer side.

There are extensive preorder options available, including exclusive shirts, vinyl pressings and a book of associated art (reflective of lead singer Ryan Clark’s many years working as a designer and art director). News about preorders through digital outlets is still pending.

The launch of the preorder and new album details followed hard on the heels of Demon Hunter relaunching their street team, the Blessed Resistance. Members of the fan club get the inside scoop– and 10% off preorder purchases.

For further updates on Demon Hunter’s upcoming projects, find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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