Lacey Sturm Writing For Sophomore Album With Skillet’s Korey Cooper

Korey Cooper and Lacey Sturm at a laptop

2019 is off to a blazing start for both Skillet and Lacey Sturm, and much of that is intersecting in glorious collaboration.

Last week it was reported that former Flyleaf lead singer Lacey Sturm will be filling in on vocals for Skillet drummer and vocalist Jen Ledger on their upcoming tour with Breaking Benjamin.

Now Skillet guitarist Korey Cooper is working with Lacey Sturm on the creation of Lacey’s sophomore solo project. In a post on Facebook, Lacey Sturm is pictured with Korey Cooper “working on lyrics” for new music. Both veteran female musicians have also been sharing Instagram stories of their time creating together.

In February 2016, Lacey Sturm released her debut solo album, Life Screams. That album reached the top spot of Billboard’s Hard Rock Albums chart.  Last year, Lacey and her husband and guitarist Joshua Sturm welcomed their their third child and unveiled Reflect Love Back, a 12-week video devotional series which includes 12 new accompanying acoustic songs along with daily devotions and scripture readings.

Keep up with Lacey Sturm by following her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and by visiting her website.

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