Single Review: “Old Sin, New Skin” by Faith Head

The musical landscape in 2019 is full of computer generated electronic and synthesized sounds mixed underneath (or, in some cases, over) familiar pieces of a rock band. While the use of these tones can often create a unique style, it is still a joy to hear a classic, raw grunge performance.

Fans of post-grunge bands such as Creed, Puddle of Mudd and Three Days Grace will appreciate the latest single by Chattanooga, Tennessee based independent rock band Faith Head.

Faith Head was founded in 2015 as a “band whose focus is apologetics and other modern issues,” and in 2016 they released a 10-song album titled Are You a Faith Head? The band name came from the Urban Dictionary definition, which is “someone who holds irrational religious fundamentalist beliefs and no matter what evidence is provided to the contrary will never change.”

In December, the band released a new single “Old Sin, New Skin” demonstrating significant growth and a refined edge to their sound.

The song leads with a pounding bass line provided by Patrick Shipley, backed by heavy rhythmic percussion from drummer Gabriel Gardner before allowing space for a simple yet effective chord progression layered in by Donny Raines. All of this sets up Jimmie Webb’s powerful vocals, a singing voice distinctly made for a hard and heavy post-grunge arena rock band.

The message of “Old Sin, New Skin” is one of overcoming temptations through what is learned in scripture.  The song closes with an impressive technical guitar riff by Raines.

The single is set to appear on an EP the band plans to release in 2019.

For fans of: Creed, Kutless, Alter Bridge

Find more Faith Head on Spotify.

Faith Head is:
Jimmie Webb, Vocals
Donny Raines, Guitar
Patrick Shipley, Bass
Gabriel Gardner, Drums

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  1. Hey love this band they are awesome. Their music not only has a great message but a great sound. Only thing I wonder is if you listened to the right song? Old sin, new skin doesn’t start with bass, but the guitar.


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