Courageous Rock: “My Declaration” by Bayless

If you’re looking for hope for where rock might be headed in 2019, “My Declaration” by Bayless is a good start.

Bayless is a rock duo formed by husband and wife Jared and Vanessa Bayless. With an EP produced by Hawk Nelson’s Jonathan Steingard already under their belts, they have put in the time honing their craft. But “My Declaration” elevates their sound to true blistering hard rock, a sonic intensity calculated to match the forthright lyrics:

I wanna lead courageously, leave a legacy
I wanna surrender myself
Faith awakening, live for eternity
I’ll stand with no ovation
This is my declaration.

“My Declaration,” which was mixed Justin Forshaw and mastered by Robert Venable (both of As We Ascend), establishes Bayless as a rising force to be reckoned with. The searing, distortion-heavy guitars and impressively dynamic vocals show Bayless setting the bar high for themselves– and delivering. Lyrics centered on being willing to be the one carrying light into dark places show a refreshing level of fortitude. All of it proves that wherever Bayless goes from here, we’ll want to be listening in.

Find “My Declaration” on iTunes and Spotify.

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